Dental Practice Management Club
Mission statement: This club aims to be your platform for exchange on topics pertinent to the business of dentistry and to promote sound management practices. 

Club description
The purpose of this club shall be to exchange on topics pertinent to the business of dentistry and to promote sound business practices upon graduation. It will also aim to provide dental students with tools and services that will best benefit pre, and post-graduation. The mission of the Dental Practice Management Club is to inspire dental students to become confident leaders upon graduating. We aim to provide students with the necessary management skills in their careers as residents, associates, owners, teachers, and researcher with a basic understanding in various topics that include ethical business practices, interpersonal communication skills, organizing and coordinating. Included in the club's mandate is the mission to serve as a liaison for young graduates to link up with senior dentists to work as associates or potentially buy in, or buy out existing clinics.

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Women's Intramural Volleyball Team: 'Brush or Die'!

Club description

For the last few years our Women’s intramural volleyball team, Brush or Die, has been tearing up the courts. Our most recent win was Fall 2015, which earned our team the glorious and highly desired McGill Mug, and also the fame (a team picture proudly displayed in the athletics centre). This team is a fun escape from the demands of academics and permits team bonding within all years of the Faculty. We register every Fall and Winter in the Women’s B League. All ladies are welcome to join, no experience required!